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I once had a very good friend tell m that life is cyclical… every 12 years life gives you a chance to make amends, being that one thing you never did but always regretted… going to school… have a normal life… and somehow it just seemed to click in my situation right now. I’m getting ready to move ( or so have said for the past 13 months!!!) and have decided that this is one of those rare opportunities, so  ion the next few day im going to be talking about exactly that, getting ready to just get up and go and all the different things that IMG-20110916-00225

my babies

my babies

I have to do to just get “there”

so to a new beginning, as scary as it seems…

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It took forever but I finally found it!

So I have to admit but I am one of those bakers that does not like buttercream icing ( I know…) ive always favored  a more fluffy icing instead of the creamier version but has been very hard for me to find the recipe  that lives to that memory of a cake called the ” Milky Way” I’m from Colombia and this has been a staple to my family it basically is a chocolate cake filed with arequipe (dulce de leche kinda but we will get into this disscusion later on…) and peanuts covered in a white fluffy icing topped with chocolate shavings, oh yeah it was just the perfect cake.

I have found many recipes for boiled icing, fluffy icing… tried a couple with some horrible consequences ( frosting was so hard never got to eat the cake) and finally stumbled upon a recipe and made one last attempt and it came almost perfect, this was my fault. I couldn’t wait to get the icing to the mixer so I didn’t let all the sugar dissolve which make the icing just a little grainy but other attempts have been perfect so take your time making sure all the sugar crystals are dissolved.

so after everything this is how the icing and the cake turned out

I loved how easy decorating this cake was, just a little sanding sugar and thats it what a difference!

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Pie pops

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This is where the idea for homemade pop tarts came to be. Thanks!

Bake Me More

Homemade Pop-Tarts


We are all guilty of consuming the cardboard treasures (Pop-tarts) at some point in our lives. Hey, it is better than no breakfast at all, just not much on the taste side. My favorite would probably be the brown sugar cinnamon, and it has to be toasted. Pop-Tarts are not often consumed at my house, thus, I don’t regularly buy them. We do the frozen toaster strudels sometimes, but just usually when I don’t feel like making breakfast and the kids decide to be independent. These treats however didn’t even last an hour at our house.

I saw this recipe at Peabody’s site a long time ago. Then again at Honey & Jam… and a couple of other places. Since I had a break this morning I whipped some up. Now yes, I did Honey and Jam’s version using a refrigerated pie crust. Now that I know how well…

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Pie pops, choose your filling wisely…

I just joined Pinterest so my head has been stuck to the monitor  “pinning” all the wonderful things that I want to be able to make. And then I saw these and decided this I gotta try!! so looking in my fridge I found most of the basics to start this fun little project.

So I wanted to make these with a fun strawberry filling so that I could mix two recipes in one, the pie pops and homemade pop tarts right? imagine a  strawberry frosted pop tart on a stick!  and then I realized there was no strawberry jam in my house, so Nutella comes to the rescue followed by peanut butter and the always faithful colombian treat “arequipe” or what is known as dulce de leche.

and this is what happened….



Ingredients used for pie pops


Roll the dough to the thickness wanted, my pops had a thin layer of crust, but some people love the extra crust, specially when using gooey fillings like apple pie.


“cutting” pie circles



Peanut butter and nutella pie pops 🙂


cut holes to let the steam out using the pastry cutters


place stick before pie circle and close using a fork.


Brush using a little milk and sprinkle with sugar.


bake in a preheated oven at 350 for around 12-15 minutes until brown


Pie pops


Off to bake some more…


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always dreaming about cakes…

Aloha Birthday “Group” cake




Not a sports fan at all, but I did love the way this cake turned out






ImageI must admit I’m am a true baking addict,  love looking at pictures of cakes, jus t to see whats going on, out there in the world. This blog is the beggining of a long road ahead for me hopefully ending in a degree from an australian culinary school. Im not sure how long this ride will last, or how long it will take, not even if its possible but a very wise friend of mine once told me “keep dreaming, making castles in the sky is what gives us courage to get up every morning, never forget to dream..” so here I am.

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